CalibrateEPGT2Fit[datan, times, angle] calculates the Fat T2 ralaxation that will be used in the EPGT2fit. Outputs the fat T2 value.


  • The following options can be given:
  • EPGRelaxPars{{0, 100}, {20, 300}, {1400., 365.}}EPGRelaxPars is and option for EPGT2Fit. Needs to be {T1muscl, T1Fat, T2Fat} in ms, defaul is {1400,365,137} in ms.
    EPGFitPoints50EPGFitPoints is a option for CalibrateEPGT2Fit and EPGT2Fit. Number of points is 200 by default.
    EPGMethodCal"2comp"EPGMethodCal is an option for CalibrateEPGT2Fit and EPGT2Fit. The calibration can be done using "1comp", "2comp", "2compF".
    EPGFatShift0.EPGFatShift is an options for EPGT2Fit. Specfies the amount of shift of the fat refocussing pulse relative to the fat exitation pulse. Can be obtained form GetPulseProfile.