CoilWeightedRecon[kspace, noise, head] performs reconstuction of raw MS2D MRI data. The input kspace, noise and head are obtained using ReadListData. The coil combination Methods can be "Roemer" or "RSS".


  • The following options can be given:
  • EchoShiftData0EchoShiftData is an option for CoilWeightedRecon.
    CoilSamples2CoilSamples is an option for CoilWeightedReconCSI and specifies how many fud samples are used to calcualte the coil sensitivity for Roemer reconstruction.
    Method"RoemerEqualSignal"Method is an option for various algorithm-intensive functions that specifies what internal methods they should use.
    OutputSenseFalseOutputSense is an option for CoilWeightedRecon. If set true the function will also output the used Sense map.
    RescaleReconTrueRescaleRecon is an option for CoilWeightedRecon. If set true the data will be scaled to the range 0-1000.