ExcludeSlices[data] excludes slices that do not look like the others based on various distance measures. Output is an array with 1 or 0 with the dimensiosn {slices, diff dirs}.


  • The following options can be given:
  • CutOffMethod"Auto"CutOffMethod is an option for ExcludeSlices. Default value is "Auto" or it can be a fixed percentage (value between 0 and .5).
    DistanceMeasure5DistanceMeasure is an option for ExcludeSlices. Defaul value is 5. (1 ManhattanDistance, 2 SquaredEuclideanDistance, 3 EuclideanDistance, 4 Correlation, 5 SpearmanRho.
    ShowOutliersFalseShowOutliers is an option for ExcludeSlices.