PlotFid[fid, dwell] plots the fid assuming dwell as the sampeling time. PlotFid[time, fid] plot the fid where time is the timing of the fid which can be obtained with GetTimeRange.


  • The following options can be given:
  • PlotRangeFullPlotRange is an option for graphics functions that specifies what range of coordinates to include in a plot.
    Method"All"Method is an option for various algorithm-intensive functions that specifies what internal methods they should use.
    GridLines{}GridLines is an option for two-dimensional graphics functions that specifies grid lines.
    AspectRatio0.2AspectRatio is an option for Graphics and related functions that specifies the ratio of height to width for a plot.
    ImageSize750ImageSize is an option that specifies the overall size of an image to display for an object.
    PlotLabelNonePlotLabel is an option for graphics functions that specifies an overall label for a plot.